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Yep, I sure am. I love to write and write and write. Although I do not do it every day (something I really need to work on) it does not negate the fact that I love to write, so, therefore, I is a writer.

Writing (no matter what) is a way for me to work out all the thoughts going on inside my head and try to make sense of them in story form and sometimes it works and sometimes…well, let’s just say it is a present the dog left out on the grass. But, still I keep on keeping on and work it over and over until it starts to make sense again.

I have a few Facebook friends who are authors and I read their web sites, blog, and postings almost everyday trying to glean some idea on how to line edit this or cut a whole paragraph or even to dump it all in the trash heap. I have learned a lot also from reading their books and it is my strongly held opinion that you cannot write unless you read. Plain and simple.

I love to write and I is a writer!

(Yes, I know this is not grammatically correct….lol)