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compositionIs it weird that I like my own writing?  

I was re-reading a chapter of my work in progress (wip), I wrote back in 2007 (NaNoWriMo) and I began to smile. I mean, I was liking the snarkiness I wrote into the character, her smart ass-ery (if you will), and thought to myself…Hey I really Like This!  This is a person I would like to have as a friend.  And then a crazy thought entered my brain…is it weird to like my own writing?

So, pray tell is it?

 I mean if you don’t like it then how can you expect others to like it!  But, then I remembered, I write for my own enjoyment or at least that is what I tell myself, but in reality I want others to ooohhh and awww over my work.  I want to hear “hey that is really funny and I like this character or that plot twist”.

So, that then begs the question…do I want to hear criticism if others do read my work.  The short answer is yes, but with trepidation.  I remember years ago I let someone read my work and was devastated when they said…”it’s okay”.


It took a long time before I started to write again and even then I was thinking–this is not right, this will never please them, oh this is bad, but then I slowly worked through the negativity and started to write for me, NOT for others.  Which brings me back full circle to my original question and the answer I finally figured out was:

A big fat NO!,  it is not weird to like your own writing.  It is a good thing to like your own writing and here is the reason why.  If your only goal is to be published then you have missed the boat already.  You must first love the process, the research, the time, the effort, the characters.  You must love everything there is to do with the writing process…it must be your passion, what fills your soul and makes you feel accomplished no matter if the work ever gets published.  At least you know you have followed your heart and your passion and that my friend is really awesome!