I will never forget…years ago I would complain to my dad that I didn’t want to go to (insert male dominated business i.e.: auto parts store/plumbing supply store etc. etc.), and my mom would agree with me. My dad just did not get it until one day when he and I went to the plumbing supply store in my home town and he let me go in first and stand at the counter then my dad came in and stood about 10 feet away from me. Not even acknowledging me like I was just some other person at the counter. My dad watched the looks that I was receiving, my dad over heard the comments that were being made in my direction and he became so mad. He called the two guys over who were making the comments and doing the ogling and laid into them. Saying that is my daughter and I just watched how you treated her. You have lost my business forever, and if I ever see you doing that to her again I will…by this time I was crying as I too had heard what they said, and I felt very uncomfortable about how they were looking at me…my dad looked at me and said lets go. We left and from that point on my dad never made me go to a male dominated business again. He now understood.