This happened to me Friday night October 20 2013:

I went out to dinner last night with a co-worker and two of her friends. We all met up at the Olive Garden and was having a nice time of it…until…the subject of LGBT came up. I began to feel very uncomfortable, not that they were making any derogatory comments but that it was a “them vs us” situation. All you LGBT people out there will understand that…anyway, the comments kept going on and on and I sat there trying to ignore it all, trying to not focus on any one comment…until…one of the ladies said, “ boy you can definitely tell that he or she is”  and then another piped up, “no I don’t think you can tell as easily anymore” and then for some unknown reason my mouth started to engage and these are the exact words that came out of my mouth… “there are more of us than you know”.  At which point (when it dawned on her what I had just said), one of the ladies almost swallowed her tongue, her eyes were like saucers and she got an “oh shit” look on her face. My co-worker went right on with talking about whatever she was talking about (she is cool, and does not have a problem with me being gay), but the other lady, now started to back pedal as fast as she could. But then for some reason this same lady piped up and said “well I think it is wrong”, I said “excuse me, what did you say”, and she said “well I’m a Christian and I think it is wrong, it says in the bible Adam and Eve.” I just looked at her and said “I am not going to get into this discussion with you here but, Jesus never said anything about it”, at which point my co-worker (bless her) said, “that’s right Jesus never did say anything about gays.” (Thank you my wonderful co-worker for having my back). The conversation wound down and it was a little uncomfortable for a while (good, let her stew) and then we went back to just a regular conversation. So that is how I came out to my co-worker….