I’m Donna Rowley and I am a hopeful writer.  I began writing at the tender age of fourteen and believe me when I tell you that my writing has improved.  Back then all my stories were about David Cassidy and how I would win him over with my beauty, charm and slammin’ body.  A lot has changed since then and I no longer write about Mr. Cassidy.

As the title of my blog states…I am a hopeful writer.  Hopeful that I can write intelligently.  Hopeful that I can write and be published someday.  Hopeful that I can continue to write and enjoy it just like I used to when I wrote the stories of that fourteen year old girl.

In 2007 I completed the National Novel Writing Month and I am still working on editing the darn thing. Someday I hope to submit it to an agent and see if it will fly, but for now I am just enjoying the process.


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