I Do Not Journal

I do not journal.  I know, I know, most writers do journal, but to me I find it to be tedious.  There I said, whew!  I hope they don’t kick me out of the writers club.

Sometimes I get the urge to journal, I get out my compostition notebook and a fresh pen or pencil, write the date and then………nothing.  It seems that my brain freezes and not a word can be written or if my brain doesn’t freeze and I am able to write a few words they are mostly Word Salad (a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases).

I would much rather spend my time actually writing a scene from my current WIP (work in progress), or hey, even blogging a post.

I have read other writers opinion about journaling and sometimes I feel I am missing something but then I come back to my senses.  Journaling just isn’t for me.


Finishing It Up!

I am finally finishing up my work in progress.  It is a middle grade (low middle grade) story about two best friends during the early 1960’s.  I am thinking it is going to be an episodic style or maybe just one book.  All I know is I am finally put the finishing touches on the first story.

That is all I am ready to post about this story.  Maybe sometime in the future I will post more about it.


Today is August 10, 2014 and I only thought I was getting close to finishing the story.  But the girls aren’t done telling their story…so, I will keep on writing what they dictate.  Rock on!

Guilty Pleasure




Okay, I will admit I am a Bravo TV addict!

Or more specifically I love this show The Peoples Couch.  It is about different groups of people who sit around their tv’s and comment on the shows they are watching.  I know, I know, it sounds totally stupid and when I read about this show I thought the same thing.  But then one day last week I was channel surfing and happened upon The People’s Couch and what I saw drew me in.

All different people types…a family who watches tv from a big bed, a lesbian couple, a gay trio, a trio of elderly women, and many other family types are the viewers and commentators on the television shows.

The viewers/commentators go through all the antics that most of us do in the privacy of our own homes…talking back to the tv, yelling out NOOOOO, and omg you have got to be kidding are just some of the comments I heard in just one showing of The People’s Couch.

So, if you are looking for something different to watch then tune into Bravo’s The People’s Couch and see yourself reflected in this fun show!

Is it weird?


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compositionIs it weird that I like my own writing?  

I was re-reading a chapter of my work in progress (wip), I wrote back in 2007 (NaNoWriMo) and I began to smile. I mean, I was liking the snarkiness I wrote into the character, her smart ass-ery (if you will), and thought to myself…Hey I really Like This!  This is a person I would like to have as a friend.  And then a crazy thought entered my brain…is it weird to like my own writing?

So, pray tell is it?

 I mean if you don’t like it then how can you expect others to like it!  But, then I remembered, I write for my own enjoyment or at least that is what I tell myself, but in reality I want others to ooohhh and awww over my work.  I want to hear “hey that is really funny and I like this character or that plot twist”.

So, that then begs the question…do I want to hear criticism if others do read my work.  The short answer is yes, but with trepidation.  I remember years ago I let someone read my work and was devastated when they said…”it’s okay”.


It took a long time before I started to write again and even then I was thinking–this is not right, this will never please them, oh this is bad, but then I slowly worked through the negativity and started to write for me, NOT for others.  Which brings me back full circle to my original question and the answer I finally figured out was:

A big fat NO!,  it is not weird to like your own writing.  It is a good thing to like your own writing and here is the reason why.  If your only goal is to be published then you have missed the boat already.  You must first love the process, the research, the time, the effort, the characters.  You must love everything there is to do with the writing process…it must be your passion, what fills your soul and makes you feel accomplished no matter if the work ever gets published.  At least you know you have followed your heart and your passion and that my friend is really awesome!





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I am a Starbucks junkie. There I said it, now don’t you feel better? Nothing better than a Vente Decaf Mocha to brighten up my day…hot or cold it is the best. I always think I will try something else that ‘Bucks has to offer but when it comes time to order I just automatically go for my favorite.

Coffee is not the only reason I go to Starbucks–I also go to write. I know how cliched, but to me it works and if you look at it this way….killing two birds with one stone then it makes perfect sense. To me anyway.

MacBook Pro for writing, Iphone for music, and ‘Bucks nothing better!

The Girls In The Basement


The Girls in the Basement are making me very aware of their presence lately. I am seriously surprised that the outside world cannot see the girls working, kneading, shaping, forming all the thoughts, ideas, and story lines running through my brain.

While I sit and watch TV Chloe, Ardel, and Vivian sit quietly whispering back and forth to each other working and reworking a plot point, or an awkward paragraph. And every so often a certain point or just the right word will work its way up to my awareness and BAM! I have to turn off the TV and pick up a composition book and pencil and write, write, write what the girls are dictating to me.


The girls have been working overtime lately and I Love It!

(This post is from an old blog. I like this post so here it is in Word Press)

I…is a Writer!


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Yep, I sure am. I love to write and write and write. Although I do not do it every day (something I really need to work on) it does not negate the fact that I love to write, so, therefore, I is a writer.

Writing (no matter what) is a way for me to work out all the thoughts going on inside my head and try to make sense of them in story form and sometimes it works and sometimes…well, let’s just say it is a present the dog left out on the grass. But, still I keep on keeping on and work it over and over until it starts to make sense again.

I have a few Facebook friends who are authors and I read their web sites, blog, and postings almost everyday trying to glean some idea on how to line edit this or cut a whole paragraph or even to dump it all in the trash heap. I have learned a lot also from reading their books and it is my strongly held opinion that you cannot write unless you read. Plain and simple.

I love to write and I is a writer!

(Yes, I know this is not grammatically correct….lol)