What I have been doing lately…got about an hour?

(This post is from an old post (2009) from my old blog)


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What I have been doing lately…got about an hour?
Where do I begin to tell this story. It has been a crazzzzy ass past few months. My last post was about me getting a job in North Central Wisconsin…and since then my world has totally come full circle. Here’s how:

Talked to my old boss back in Colorado, this was sometime in July, and she said if I move back I could have my old job back. Well, I had been missing Colorado like crazy and I said sure thing. So I quit my new job, rented a U-haul (don’t even get me started on that fiasco in time, money, energy, blood, sweat and tears), and moved my what I though was happy ass back to Colorado by the first of August. Arrived in Pueblo three days later and stayed with my bff for 3 weeks. In the meantime I had talked with my old boss and now she says she has to talk to her bosses because of my past job with them (although they all knew my history and the reason for my off and on job with them)(btw those that know my story know about me being a full time caregiver for my mother), okay, so fine, I went about my business of finding an apartment…long story short I found one that I rented then backed out on cuz it was way to expensive. Got my down payment back…found another, started to move in and that night after moving a few things up and setting up a blow up bed (it was the hottest day there so far) so I decided to take a shower and get into bed to relax and read as I had no tv yet.
I got out of the shower and something caught my eye…I said “What the hell is that”, and ran to get my glasses that were on the kitchen counter. Walked back in the bathroom and saw to my horror that there were blood splatters on the ceiling of the bathroom. The blood must have come through the paint with all the steam from the shower. I freaked!

I called my bff Bren and said look this address up on yahoo or google and see what you find. 10 minutes later she calls back and says you won’t believe it but there was a murder comminted in 2008 there in that apartment. What the fuck…I repeat WHAT THE FUCK! So to make a long story short I called the landord asked them why they didn’t tell me that a murder had been committed in my apartment just the past year and they said…”what murder, there wasn’t a murder, that all I was seeing was rust”.

Rust my ass I know blood when I see it (I took pictures too), anyway, after long and very heated words between both parties, she told me to get my shit and get out, and that she was calling the cops…I said too late I already called them. I wanted back up in case something else happened. The cop came in looked at the blood and said yep that’s blood and yes there was a murder committed here last year. Well my bff Bren and I moved all the shit I had moved in earlier in the day and we went back to her house she shares with her girlfriend.

So, I finally got my deposit and first months back from the murder apartment, got my lease torn up and here I was ready to look for something else. In the meantime the job I was supposed to get from my old employer fell through…What the fuck…WHAT THE FUCK!

So by this time I am beginning to think that I am being told something here and I better wake the fuck up. So, I begin looking for a new job that very day. That very night my bff and her g/f go out for the evening and I stay behind cuz I am still tired from the murder apartment fiasco (and still freaked out by it). About 10pm they aren’t home yet but a sound is heard from around the corner from their house. Boom, Boom, two shotgun blasts or guns or something sounded and for fucks sake just right around the corner a guy was shot two blasts from a gun.

Okay, so now I said to them when they got home…I am going back to Wisconsin I cannot take anymore of this shit going on. I should have stayed where was to begin with but I was just so damn sure that Colorado was home. Well I found out….

You cannot go home again…that saying is so very true.

So I called a moving company this time (I wised up to the U-haul thing) and come to find out they moved me lock stock and barrel for less than the U-haul did. And now I am back in Wisconsin but this time I am living close to my niece in the southeast part of the state. I like it very much and I am looking for work.

Here is the deal…my move out to Colorado cost me over 3000 dollars my trip back to Wisconsin cost me over 2500 dollars…so, for 5500 I learned a valuable lesson and here it is.


That’s it…plain and simple. Do some checking, go out for a visit not a move. And for fucks sake…don’t rent an apartment that a murder was committed in….just saying.

(As stated above this is an old post from 2009, but I wanted to post this here because, well, this is what happened to me 5 years ago and it played a big part in me moving back to Wisconsin and family).


1 thought on “What I have been doing lately…got about an hour?”

  1. You know, all things happen for a reason. Colorado will always be home, but for some reason, you’re not meant to be there. Whether you ever find out WHY you’re meant to be somewhere, you’re where you’re supposed to be at that very moment. Sometimes, we just need a little extra help realizing the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. 😉

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